Monday, February 8, 2010

Don't just listen.

tonite i began to sing one of my favorite songs from high school that i used to play on my guitar-- "Simply to the cross". I can not even count the number of times that I've played that song, far less heard it, but somehow in the midst of acquiring it as "one of my favs" I failed to apply that song to my heart. "Jesus, you will never fail".. and "Jesus, you are all I need" my ears somehow failed to hear.

"Mercy's found a way for me, Hope is here as I am free." (part of the song's chorus)

What joy there is that statement, for CHRIST IS all that we need. I heard JD Greear speak this weekend and he said that all people were made with a longing for something else, and other people are incapable of filling that longing. We were made to be satisfied in Christ and to find our fullness in Him.

SOmany times throughout my day I get upset, disappointed, for I fail to find fulfillment in my relationships with people, they fail to satisfy me.
They arenot able to satisfy, never will be able.
Christ satisfies, and in him there is fullness. THIS is joy.

quit listening.
open your ears and hear.

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