Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Results of poetry class:)

assignment was to write about a past memory in blank verse... this is about a village i went to this summer in Jordan:) wonderful memory.

"Not Just Sand"
The houses where are they? All I see is sand.
Sheep in a cluster, their shepherd in black,
A ghost-like apparition. Closer now,
A child running with a ball. A cloud
Of dust, obscures the source of it; not just
One child, a flock. More children run with him.
Dirt flying, sand stinging, their laughter I
Can hear. The ghost-like apparition, it's
A woman. Floating toward me, her hijab
Flaps in the wind, like a flag, a black flag.
Her face appears beneath. Her lips are fixed,
Eyes deep and black; her pointy jaw and cheek
Bones well-defined, a look suspecting me
To speak: "Peace be upon you", in her own tongue.
Her eyes now kind, her cheek bone softened with
A smile, for hospitality is in
Her nature. Her house emerges from beneath
The cloud of dust. A village under dust.
A school, a mosque, a garden, a hospital.
A circle of women clothed in flags, black flags,
I'm welcomed with a cup of tea, a kiss
Of mint. The smell of rice and chicken,
A dinner prepared for me. A brother holds
His sister in his arms. The father says
I am his daughter. This is not just sand.

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