Friday, April 16, 2010

poetry class again

So this is for poetry class, but because God is so relevant to your life, always, the idea of this poem is incredibly relevant to what I'm learning about being a Child of God--that we will "share in His [Christ's] glory".(romans8) Took me sometime to chew on this...but glory is the opposite of shame.. Christ has taken our shame away through the cross... we are therefore glorious in Him. Not that we deserve praise, but that being in this glory as God's children we shout praises to the Glorious God as we, ourselves, are meant to be inglorious but instead redeemed by beautiful grace.

You can laugh, it's about a horse. Just go with it.

Inglorious Soil

Heartbeat, your hooves, my pulse, thunder.
Halt at the fence. This barrier. Abrupt, splash,
beneath those hooves. Your legs, astute soldiers with
Potential to kill.

But Your face, those calm, brown, collected eyes offer me grace to stand before You.
Compelled to reach toward velvet nose, my hand intimidated by the
heat from flaring nostrils. Your gaze remains,
Respect, demanded.

Turned to field, those movements, my eyes’ compass. A conquest in
each breathe, in each step, in each blow to the ground.
No wonder why mud, inglorious, submits to
Your authority,

And why I abandon this soil, unstable, to ride
In such glory.

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