Monday, December 27, 2010

Dear World

Dear world,

Apparently, I have diabetes. My body doesn't handle sugar very well. However, my diet has been mostly sugar since I was a babe. (Sugar includes bread, pasta, and pastries.) When I do eat sugar, my body reacts in a few ways: it makes me tired, anxious, and often puts me in a really bad mood. I've been experimenting with sugar now that i know. Come to find out, I'm a really happy and un-moody person when I refrain from sugar. Who knew.

I'm not disclaiming every bad mood I've had on sugar, because I am, in fact, a female and a sinner. However, I am blaming most of them on that.

So, therefore, i want to extend an apology to all persons I may have released my sugar maintenance failure on in the form of a bad mood or evil glare. It was, honestly, out of my control. Blame my pancreas.

Kayla Dunkin

p.s. I am currently undertaking methods in which I can prevent moodiness and vengeance. Please, be patient with me. I'm trying to unaddict myself to bread, the only thing I actually enjoy eating.

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