Wednesday, March 17, 2010

learnin the balance

SPRING BREAK went to Nawlins, Louisiana with some of the most rockin people I know from UNC chapel hill's Cornerstone!!! We demolished a nursing home so that it could be rebuilt.. crazy how people are still suffering from 'ol Katrina. Another part of our group worked with the KIPP schools, a fantastic program started by a teaching fellow to help underprivileged kids. They're pretty rockin I heard, with a really high percentile of their students being accepted into college.

God's been teaching me how to love "the oppressed" in tangible ways. Like Tim Keller said.. the gospel and justice, they're like two wings of an airplane for accomplishing the same task.

Helping "the oppressed" should be the tangible results of being affected by the Gospel, while the Gospel should always be on our lips, ready to "give an answer to the hope that we profess", in a very urgent way.

I don't know how, for the longest time, I thought that taking care of tangible needs were just frivolous and secondary, and the only thing necessary was to share the words of the Gospel..
Well, Jesus fed the hungry and healed the leper too.

(BUT we must not lose our urgency in sharing the gospel with a world that will die without it. Helping those in need is frivolous if we do not share the gospel with them.)

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